Adopted Village-wide Policies and Programs

SHEAC has taken the lead in advising the Village Board and promoting the adoption of the following Village-wide policies and programs:

Complete Streets

Under construction


Community Choice Aggregation

SHEAC is excited to announce that the Sleepy Hollow Board of Trustees recently approved a 2-year contract with Westchester Power as part of the Community Choice Aggregation Program of Sustainable Westchester.  The new contract, scheduled to start on January 1, 2019, specifies 100% Renewable Energy as the default option and pertains to all existing ConEd electric customers in Sleepy Hollow unless they choose to opt out.    For more information about this program and how it will work, contact Westchester Power at:

Climate Smart Community

Under construction


Food Scrap Drop-Off Program (Joint program with the Village of Tarrytown):

SHEAC is pleased to announce that Sleepy Hollow is now part of the Tarrytown-Sleepy Hollow Food Scrap Collection Program.  We want to encourage Sleepy Hollow residents to participate in this program which can substantially reduce the amount of waste that goes into our regular trash to be incinerated, turn our food waste into compost, and make our Village more sustainable.

Food scrap collection kits that include a starter roll of compostable bags can be purchased for $23 at the SH Village Clerk’s office or at Warner Library. Additional rolls of 25 bags can be purchased for only $2 at Warner Library.  Collection bins for food scrap drop-off are located next to the Tarrytown Senior Center (between the Senior Center and the Rec Center) in Pierson Park.

Click on the links provided below for more details about how the program works and a complete list of all the items that are accepted as well as those items that are not acceptable.  Important to note: this program accepts more items than would normally be used for backyard composting, such as meat and chicken bones, napkins, and paper towels that are soiled with food waste.

So pick up your food scrap collection kit now and JOIN THE PROGRAM!