What do I do with….? Guide to Reuse/Recycling

We’re working on creating a page dedicated to listing locations near Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown where you can drop off everything from clothing to expired medication. We would love to hear any suggestions that you have for other places where things can be donated, reused, recycled, or safely disposed of.

Please email us at sleepy.hollow.eac@gmail.com with ideas for what to add to the draft below or click here to join our mailing list and receive future updates!

Material What to do with it Organization Item Specifics Website
Consign Trilogy Consignment https://www.facebook.com/consigntrilogy
Donate: Drop-off The Nearly New Shop: The Junior League of Westchester Women’s clothing, shoes and accessories “in current fashion and in excellent condition” http://www.jlwoh.org/
Donate: Pick-up Vietnam Veterans of America Clothing of all types & sizes (men’s, ladies, children’s, baby’s) Clothing accessories Shoes (all kinds) Baby items http://www.scheduleapickup.com/
Recycle H&M Any clothes or textiles http://about.hm.com/en/About/sustainability/commitments/reduce-waste/garment-collecting.html
Sell A Nu Toy Store Unopened toys http://www.anutoystore.com/featured-products/
School and Office Supplies Donate RHSM Life Center http://rshmlifecenter.org/index-6.html
The Warner Library
They can accept: Recent and popular fiction and nonfiction in good condition. Current medical, science, business or computer books. Art and cookbooks are particularly desirable.
Sell New York Book Department https://www.facebook.com/newyorkbookdepartment
Donate: Pick-up (for qualifying furniture)
Furniture Sharehouse
Donate: Drop-off http://www.furnituresharehouse.org/donation-guidelines
Furniture and Household Goods Donate The Cherry Door
Donate: Drop-off Goodwill Store and Donation Center
Medical Supplies Donate Afya Foundation http://www.afyafoundation.org/products.html
Electronics Westchester County Year-Round Municipal CRT & Electronic Waste Collection Program
Plastic Bags Local Grocery Stores (Stop & Shop, Mrs. Green’s, CVS, C-Town, Stew Leonard’s, etc.)
Expired Medication Drop-off Police Department http://environment.westchestergov.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2566&Itemid=100062
CFL Recycle Home Depot
Rechargeable Batteries Recycle Home Depot
Styrofoam Peanuts Recycle UPS Store
Dry cleaning bags/Hangers Recycle Dry cleaning
Clean Towels and Blankets Donate Briarcliff SPCA Drop them in the deposit bin at the front http://www.spca914.org/wishlist.htm
Miscellaneous Donate Midnight Run Accept clothing, food, toiletries, etc. but also have a list of miscellaneous items they are in need of http://www.midnightrun.org/donations_misc.php

Note: Inclusion of an organization on this list does not imply endorsement by SHEAC.


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