2016 Highlights

In 2016, we managed to both make progress on initiatives that we’ve been working on since our start as well as work on new issues that came up. Here’s a round-up of what we accomplished this year:

  • Public events/outreach: We had a few different events this year:
    • 3rd annual Riverkeeper Sweep: This year, we had clean-ups at Douglas Park, Devries Park, and along Route 9. If you’re interested in helping out with the 2017 cleanup, please let us know at sleepy.hollow.eac@gmail.com
    • Table at the TaSH (Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow Farmers’ Market)
    • Meeting at Kendal on Hudson
    • Establishment of info table at the Warner Library
    • Eco-fair with Tarrytown Environmental Advisory Committee
      • The theme for our table this year was the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, and recycle).
        • We had our recycling game out for children to learn how to sort out recyclables from non-recyclables, along with updated information  about the new recycling guidelines (available herenote that beverage cartons are now recyclable!).
        • We also had a survey about plastic and reusable bag use (created with the help of our very first intern!) and shared resources such as our guides to reuse/recycling near 10591.
        • Along with TEAC, there was also a “Leave a tote, take a tote” table, available for anyone to donate extra reusable bags that they had in their homes or take a reusable bag if they needed one.
      • We also had a petition for a sidewalk in front of Sleepy Hollow high school and middle school.
  • Resolutions: This year, the Board of Trustees passed resolutions adopting Complete Streets and supporting a Westchester County-wide plastic bag and styrofoam containers ban.
  • Our members are also involved in creating a Natural Resources Inventory and Route 9 study; meeting with the Scenic Hudson Trails Committee; responding to the East Parcel draft environmental impact statement (DEIS) and Edge-on-Hudson; and supporting the Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan.
A huge thanks to the village of Sleepy Hollow, the Tarrytown Environmental Advisory Council, Riverkeeper, Kendal and Warner Library staff, and all the volunteers who’ve helped over the course of the year! If you’d like to get involved, whether for an hour a year or once a month, please let us know at sleepy.hollow.eac@gmail.com.

Local Inspiration: What our neighbors are doing for the environment

We had a chance to learn about what other towns and villages in Westchester are doing for the environment at “Greening Our Towns,” organized by the Federated Conservationists of Westchester and the Greenburgh Nature Center.

Here’s a tiny sample of the projects that came up:

It’s inspiring to see what our neighbors have been able to accomplish, and we look forward to learning from their experiences!

2015: Highlights

We’re fortunate to have a fantastic team with a lot of diverse experience, and in our first full year back, we’ve been working on getting officially reestablished, getting to know the community better, and making Sleepy Hollow more sustainable on a variety of fronts:

  • We helped clean up and beautify our village as part of the Sleepy Hollow Beautification Day and Riverkeeper Sweep, and we’re looking forward to continuing this in 2016!
  • We also partnered with the Tarrytown Environmental Advisory Committee on the Eco-Fair and were at the Sleepy Hollow Village Fair.
  • We developed a mission statement and can now be found at the Sleepy Hollow and Mid-Hudson CSC websites.
  • Our team is continuing work with the Village on a variety of initiatives, like getting Complete Streets passed, suggesting improvements on a new development for bikes and pedestrians, and working with our neighbors in Mount Pleasant to develop a Natural Resources Inventory.

We’re also planning on achieving Climate Smart Communities certification, which will help unify the sustainable efforts taking place around Sleepy Hollow. Got a project to tell us about? Email us at sleepy.hollow.eac@wordpress.com

Eco-Fair 2015


Thanks to everyone who showed up to the Eco-Fair on Saturday!


We had a recycling game for kids, tons of information about invasive plants and safer streets, water conservation ideas, and info on where to reuse and recycle.


We had a great time working with our neighbors in the Tarrytown Environmental Advisory Council and other local environmental organizations, including a solar-powered band!



It was also a great opportunity to explore all that the TaSH farmers market had to offer!


Check out the rest of our photos on our Facebook page.

If you’d like to help us out at future events, please email us at sleepy.hollow.eac@gmail.com and keep an eye out for us at the Sleepy Hollow Village Fair on October 17th!

Mission Statement

Our mission statement:

The purpose and mission of the EAC is to help build awareness and support for the development, management and protection of Sleepy Hollow’s natural resources; to assist and provide input into the drafting of environmental local laws designed to provide protection for our natural resources; and to participate in environmental reviews when requested by the Board of Trustees or the Planning Board.

Learn more about who we are on our new “About” page!

Sleepy Hollow Cleanups on May 9th – Volunteers Needed!

This year, we’ll be running two cleanups in Sleepy Hollow as part of the 2015 Riverkeeper Sweep on May 9th. Please sign up at the links below!

Devries Park: 11:30am – 1:30pm Sign up here!

Douglas Park: 2:30 – 4:30pm 11:00am – 1:00pm Sign up here!

Sleepy Hollow-Horans Landing1-byJulieMaher

Feel free to bring friends and family along for one or both and to email us with any questions!